At FALCON TRANSPORT we offer professional freight services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we make sure to make excellent management of our resources to provide our customers with excellent control and optimization of their inventories and traffic.

We maintains close communication with its customers, to ensure the security and confidence that its logistics operations are managed by professionals

Provide our customers competitive advantages through the design and management of optimal logistics solutions

FALCON TRANSPORT has a modern fleet consisting of more than 40 tractors and more than 200:

  • Dry Van 53 and 40 feet (Dry Van)
  • Flatbed 53 and 48 feet (Flat bed)
  • Step deck
  • Lowboy Low Drop Bed
  • Lowboy Low Bed (Extendible 56 ‘)

We have the specialized equipment to meet the specific requirements of oversized load.